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LED Retrofit for HID Lighting replaces wasteful Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor and High Pressure Sodium Lighting with solid state LED lights that produce higher quality (color rendering / color temperature) light, providing more usable light for human vision than HID.

Retrofit Equivalents
8W LED = 75W to 120W HID
34W LED = 100W to 250W HID
68W LED = 250W to 320W HID
98W LED = 400W to 750W HID
196W LED = 750W to 1000W HID
272W LED = 1000W to 1500W HID

Features and Benefits
 Long maintenance free life
 Easy 15 minute installation
 Up to 85% savings on your lighting bill
 Less attractive to insects
 Replace 100-1000+ watts HID equivalent
 Step dimming available
 No light pollution
 Full five year warranty

LED Retrofit = Fewer Watts

Solid State LED Lighting is the energy efficient alternative, combining lower energy costs and a much longer life. LED light can be focused and dimmed to cooperate with many municipal lighting codes and reduce light pollution and glare.

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PRESS RELEASE - North Port FL - Aug 2012
LED lighting retrofits continue at City Hall

Retrofit to existing fixture

We can quickly and efficiently retrofit virtually any commercial or industrial HID light fixture for energy efficient solid state lighting (LEDs).

Lighting Fixtures that we can retrofit
 High Bay Lighting
 Parking Lot Lighting
 Street Lighting
 Service Station Canopy Lights
 Wall Packs

Information we need to produce retrofit kit
 A stock number of the fixture to retrofit
 Or a Picture of the fixture
 Or send a fixture

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by retrofitting your HID Lighting with LED.


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